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Laboratory ODIC dental prostheses

drap anim francewprostheses made exclusively in FRANCE

Your denture can be made in 4 days

only laboratory to offer implant bridges
with a gum suitable for the color of each patient

Implant bridge is up!

The work of different fabrications of dentures
mainly full dentures.
items will be offered on all dental prostheses.

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Dental prosthesis made in China:

The products manufactured in China are everywhere and perhaps even there or you do not expect it. Today the controversy over dentures made in China is restarted after the broadcast "False teeth, real doubts" last February 26 in the program "Special Envoy" on France 2. According to the report, and on behalf of profitability, some practitioners abuse the trust of their patients in a large discount dentures from China or Eastern Europe, prosthetics course sold at full price.

Today an estimated one third of the prostheses appetizers are imported, particularly from China. This is still more than 2 million crowns, bridges and other dental prostheses.

From manufacturing defects, problems of traceability, the presence of certain components such as lead or lack of control, this situation is worrying especially as other dental materials (such as mercury fillings) continue to controversy over their toxicity.

In a press release, the National Order of Dentists held a response pointing out that the National Council of the Order and the unions representing dental last November signed a charter on "Your dentist is committed to your health "in which each practitioner on behalf of his medical malpractice committed on five specific points in terms of quality and traceability standards.

With regard to mercury amalgam as addressed in the report of the Special Envoy, and in the absence of new scientific evidence, the National Council of the Order surprised to see the issue resurface in this report .. Counsel recalls that in May 2008, the European Commission has concluded the safety and therapeutic efficacy of mercury amalgams in their indications.

In a report of 2005 confirmed by a new study whose results were published in 2007, Afssaps, French competent authority in the matter, reached similar conclusions.

For information the report of Special Envoy may have seen or reviewed on the website of France 2.
The installation of a removable dental appliance is always an anxiety for the patient who has difficulty accepting the loss of his teeth, it is also difficult for the practitioner who may be confronted with difficult cases, but still each case a solution! the dentures or removable dental appliance has a bad press because it continues the bad image of the denture to "grandpa". After all it is possible to achieve relatively comfortable removable dental appliances and very aesthetic this without going through the production of prostheses on implants. We can make your denture in 3 days following the five steps footprint primary, secondary footprint, occlusion, fitting, finishing